With nothing big to brighten our days, we never really notice the small things in life. Like fish! Or kitties! Or a smile! I feel like we’ve seriously become that numbed out and materialistic…



3 thoughts on “Accidentally Stupid

  1. Reblogged this on रंगमंच and commented:
    So true. Once I had this gold fish. I kept her bowl nice and clean. Fed her at the right time, in the right amount. One night I was feeling troubled because of my academic issues and other problems. Suddenly I switched the lights to see how she was doing ?
    She was there. Swirling in the waters. Just like always. I learnt not to be worried. I learnt to keep the bowl nice and clean. Not just hers but mine too. Our mind is something like a bowl. It’s nature is to contain. But the gold fish is not the bowl. We are Neither the body nor the bowl ( the world ). We are what fills it. Life.


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